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Apologies and Updates!
Sunday, March 26, 2017
So, it's been a while and I do heavily apologize for anyone checking
the site here regularly. Life has just been....well, happening and it has
been rather rough to keep up. My phone was my only means of online
activity for some time but things seem to be slowly falling into place.

I have continued to branch out with Cover Modeling..My goal is to
become a household name. I want to be bigger than Fabio..Lord
knows I can't even find how many covers he has been on...but I'm
steady working on it.
I also dabbled a bit more in Extra work with TV shows. It's fun
and definitely unexpected whenever I get picked up for something.

I also attended a conference in Atlanta during May of last year. I will
be posting another entry shortly with some photos and stories from
the adventure. :)

Sending Love Always!!!

RT 2014!
Monday, June 16, 2014
So I want to take you all back to May of this year when I got to attend the Romantic Times Readers Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana...
as their 1st FEMALE Cover Model in a VERY long time!

I cannot tell you how excited and blown away I was!! First of all, I was getting to visit NoLa which I have always wanted to do. The city is just booming with history and beauty around every corner! A week was never enough time lol  ..Aside from that, I was attending my first real event that could help shape my modeling into an actual career path.
Now, I have to be honest and say that as a female model, it was not easy to get attention. After all, a majority of the readers/fans ARE women..and it is a romance convention so they are there for the hunks lol
Alot of events and workshops were geared to have the male models attend and particpate in some way...their schedules were absolutely jampacked....And I had a very limited set of "options" and/or places I needed to be. There was a sufficient amount of time before RT for
something to be set up where I could really be noticed, but I didn't feel like there was. Now, I am not talking down upon RT, nor the coordinators of the Cover Model events...everyone was friendly and amazing all around. I just really thought that having a female on board could be so much more fun and needless to say a GREAT move for the convention. I know when I read romance novels I imagine myself as the female lead...I had
hoped that I would have a better opportunity to interact with some of the readers and professionals on a more "organized" basis...BUT...I made the best of every situation and got out of my comfort zone. I showed up anywhere I could, tagged along with the amazing Male Models, and personally reached out to authors who were excited to meet ME...and got noticed.

By the time the week was half way through, fans and even authors I had not worked with we calling my name down hallways, asking for photos,and even saying they hoped to see more of me! I was beyond humbled! The convention was a success for me :)

On to NoLa! HELLO!! It is famazing! If you have not gone, Go! If you appreciate art of any form, Go! If you want to experience mystery and fun and just lively culture..Go! lol I fully intend on going back and maybe even living there for a little while:) I don't think I could ever tire of the diversity and spirit that lives in that place. Bourbon Street(Seen in my photo) was so much fun, the tours are so informative, the food is to die for, and the people are extremely long as they arent the bad people ya know lol

Well, this post has turned out to be way longer than I hoped it would..but in closing I would like to thank everyone who helped me reach this point in my life AND somewhat career....
I want to tell you how humbled and grateful I am for the support and kindness shown to me...
The friendships, connections, and lessons I have gained are unforgettable!
RT 2014 opened MANY doors for me...and I charged right through them! Cant wait for next year in Texas!

Shout Outs to ALL of the authors who have featured me on their books, to all of my new gorgeous friends
the amazing and ever so fun Male Models (Charles, Lenn, John, Shane, DeLonn, Evan, Scott, Jeremy, CJ, Terry, and Mark), and last but certainly not least...My Team....Taria, Fiona, Valerie, Angela.....You ladies made me. You became friends above all else and you saw something when I didn't..
Thank you SO SO much..I can't ever express my gratitude to you all in a way that would be enough....I love you chicks!

More photos to be posted soon, Til Next time:) 
(Btw, the photo featured here is the flock of models walking down Bourbon Street headed to our Cover Model Pub Crawl)

Welcome to my new site!
Sunday, June 01, 2014

I want to send out a HUGE thanks to you, (yes, you) for visiting my site:)
It really means alot to me.
I will be updating regularly and posting lots photos...
Some of which may not be professional, but hey, I AM a silly girl. If you're going
to take the time out of your day to visit my page, I at least want to show you all
some of my personality and everyday life! Anyway, I hope you enjoy and please,
excuse the mess here and there. Im still getting the hang of this blog and
website thing:)